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Penn New Frontier Fund

Penn Strategic Income Portfolio

The Penn Dynamic Growth Strategy utilizes exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and, potentially, open-ended funds to generate a complete and balanced portfolio.  The DGS uses a core/satellite approach, meaning it will offer core holdings designed for strategic growth, and satellite holdings which are selected tactically based on the economic environment.

The Penn New Frontier Fund is a compilation of companies on the cutting edge of science and technology. These are the firms we believe will lead a respective industry into the future by delivering exceptional and unique products or services. In addition to the obvious, like space sciences and artificial intelligence, these companies might be from industries as diverse as energy research and advanced transportation systems.

The Penn Intrepid Trading Platform consists of roughly 15 companies which we believe are well-poised for a short-term, double-digit pop in price. We are not looking for long-term holdings, though some ITP stocks eventually work their way to the PGLC. This is a tactical strategy, with stop-loss orders typically placed on at the time of purchase, moving up as the stock moves up in price. These may also be ETFs, long or short, in a sector or industry we gauge as ready to make a move. An example might be the ETF "DUG," which is a bet on declining oil prices.

Penn Dynamic Growth Strategy

The Penn Global Leaders Club stocks are the stalwart companies we believe will provide investors solid growth over the long-term. While we will often make changes to this list of 40 superstars, they are each leaders in their respective industries. Note that the term "leaders" does not annotate the biggest; indeed, a Global Leader might be a company of any market cap, but one displaying an exemplary corporate culture and a strong growth strategy.

The SIP is designed to create a stream of income on an ongoing basis.  With a lower risk level, it should be considered the foundational strategy of any portfolio, designed to weather all market conditions. 

Penn Intrepid Trading Platform

Penn Global Leaders Club

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