Penn Wealth Management


What would it mean to you to have access to a private financial website; a site dedicated solely to helping you create wealth?   

As a client of Penn Wealth Management, you will have access to a highly secure and encrypted Personal Wealth Portal, showing all of your assets, debt, investments, everything!  What if you had a secure "vault" on your site with individual folders to safely store electronic copies of your will, trust, deeds, taxes...virtually any documents—even digital family photographs—that are important to you?  Would that give you peace of mind?

But what if you could, at a touch of the button, access financial planning reports based on your assets, and a net worth statement, and interactive "what if" scenarios where you could plan your future?  How about if you also had an app on your mobile device so you could see the current balance of bank accounts and investment portfolios?  Sounds like something you should have, doesn't it?  All Penn Wealth clients have this powerful tool, so what are you waiting for?  

Simply give us a call or email us and we will set you up!  And don’t worry—while you are welcome to use the advanced planning and analysis tools on your Site, you always have access to a Penn Wealth, FINRA-licensed advisor.  We can be a powerful partner to help you grow your wealth and achieve your dreams.  To have a private wealth management discussion, call us at (913) 538-7174, or simply email us at  We look forward to having you on board, and here’s to your success!

Your Personal Wealth Portal.