Penn Wealth Management


The Journey

We never forget why you are building your wealth. It is not for the money, it is for what the money can allow you to accomplish in your life.

Harvesting Gold

Our goal is to help you get to the point where you can live, on your terms, with the income from your investments. Do you know how much you need?

Taking Charge

Are you saving enough? How is your money allocated? We help you understand the wealth-building process every step of the way.

The Blueprint

A well-designed strategic plan is the cornerstone of a successful life. We will help you put a solid plan in place, and then help you follow through.

The Future of investing is here.

Not your typical wealth management firm.


A few generations ago, the personal service you would receive during a visit to the bank was extraordinary.  Fast forward to now and look at the technology we have at our fingertips, yet the personal service is gone.  You are just another plain vanilla number to your bank or investment house.

At Penn Wealth Management, we think differently.  You are unique, and we do not believe you should be invested like everyone else.  We believe that you shouldn't move forward until you have a specific, written plan outlining where you would like to go.  We believe you should understand where, and how, your money is invested.


At the height of the tech boom, we reviewed portfolios that were wildly out of sync with reality, but completely in sync with the gobbledygook of the time.  On the flipside, we were there when investors were scared to get back into the market, despite the great boom that would ensue for years.

We don't believe in reacting defensively to changing times and daily headlines.  We believe in forecasting what is likely to happen next and helping our clients take advantage of possible events, managing risk at every turn.

yOur success

Our strategy

Does an alliance make sense?

You should be very selective in who you pick to help manage your money.  Likewise, we understand that not everyone will fit in with our philosophy.  The first step of the process is making sure that your beliefs about wealth fit well with our style of money management.  If not, we can probably recommend a better solution. 


02. Educate, and encourage questions. 

When you get down to it, wealth management is not that complicated, despite the industry lingo that makes your eyes gloss over.  We have talked with people who don't understand the investment vehicles they have entrusted with their hard-earned money.  This is unacceptable, and generally leads to disaster.  We encourage clients to ask tough questions, and we put investor education at the top of our list, along with risk management and proper allocation.  If you don't understand it, you should not be investing in it. 


03. A business based on mutual respect. 

Our clients understand that they can email or call us anytime with any questions or concerns about their financial lives.  Likewise, we understand that our clients will provide us with the information we need to help them make informed and well-thought-out decisions.  Penn Wealth Management is based on the time-honored tradition of personal service and mutual respect.

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